Muscle Memory Collective
2021 – present

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Muscle Memory Collective is a mixed-media collaborative project between ceramicist Joshua R. Clark and photographer Bree Lamb. Through the pairings of referential and uncanny objects and images, Muscle Memory seeks to create surface visions bound in expectation, excess, and desire, offering complex reflections of a capitalist American landscape. Bright, glossy facades contain a range of familiar visual cues, while the tone of the work vacillates between adoration and critique. Through such juxtaposition, Muscle Memory urges the viewer to consider the intersection of commodity, fantasy, and social currency.

“Double Vision,” 2021
“Self-Induced,” 2022
“Shallow End,” 2023
“Mineral Bath,” 2022
“Present Company Excluded,” 2022
“Baby Steps,” 2022
“Dress Rehearsal,” 2022
“Go It Alone,” 2022
“Out of Gamut,” 2022
“Gift Horse,” 2022
“Already Cursed,” 2022
“Beginner’s Luck,” 2022
“Wish You Were Here #oldfaithful,” 2023
“On the Vine,” 2022
“Higher Power,” 2022
“Soft-Core,” 2022
“The Spell Lifted,” 2022
“Downstream,” 2022
“Death in Paradise,” 2022
“Wish You Were Here #oldfaithful #bellagiofountain,” 2023