A House, A Home
2017 –
In the series, A House, A Home, ubiquitous household objects are arranged to investigate and challenge traditions of domestic American life. I craft images utilizing lighting patterns and color relationships commonly associated with commercial imagery. By engaging in this specific visual language, I attempt to offer a sense of comfort and humor while posing questions regarding social conventions, stereotypes, and gender performance. The images are meant to be engaging in their familiarity, but upon further discretion they aim to highlight layers of improvidence embedded in our consumer systems. My observations are rooted in personal indulgences, expectations, and questions, and reflect an awareness of my participation within these larger systems.

“Nose Dive,” 2020
“Vitamins & Minerals,” 2017
“Trouble in Paradise,” 2017
“Two Step,” 2019
“Life of the Party,” 2017
“Reap What You Sow,” 2017
“#blessed,” 2019
“Rose-Colored Glasses,” 2018
“Fool’s Gold,” 2018
“Self-Reflection,” 2017
“One Way or Another,” 2017
“Recreation,” 2017
“See and Be Seen,” 2019
“Half-Life,” 2018
“Dolled Up,” 2018
“Days of Our Lives,” 2018
“32nd Resolution,” 2018
“Cannot Predict Now,” 2018
“Two Weeks,” 2017
“5,000 Words,” 2018
“Go with the Flow,” 2017
“Tip of the Tongue,” 2017
“Ups & Downs,” 2017
“A Place for Everything,” 2018
“Well-Read,” 2017
“Absorbed,” 2017
“Cookie Cutter,” 2017
“Stability,” 2017
“Spoonful of Sugar,” 2017
“Daily Affirmations,” 2017